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Links to external sites mentioned on the Ancient Hampi website.


Lille3000, France Oct 2006-Jan 2007 (premier) (Link)

Berlin Festival, From Spark to Pixel, Martin Gropius Bau, Oct 2007-Jan 2008 (Link)

Panorama Festival, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Jan 2008-Mar 2008

eLandscapes, Shanghai, 2008 (Link)

Ancient Hampi: a Hindu Kingdom Brought to Life, Immigration Museum, Melbourne, 12th Nov 2008–Feb 2010 (Link)

Media downloads

Movie and QTVR (Quicktime Virtual Reality) files of the Hampi site.

To download files right-click on the link (PC) or hold down the ctrl button and click (Mac) on the link and select save target/link.

Ganesha movie 8.2MB

Fieldwork movie 14.9MB

PLACE movie 40MB

Please be advised that the animated panoramas are of non-standard size and will be wider than most computer screens.

Elephants animated panorama. 5.5MB

Ganesha animated panorama. 3.3MB

Garuda animated panorama 4.9MB

Hanuman animated panorama 4.7MB

Shiva animated panorama 7.5MB