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The opera house.
Setting up the silver screen for Place-Hampi.

Place-Hampi was commissioned for France India year and in celebration of the introduction festival. It was installed in the Operahouse, Lille for three months from October 2006.

Place-Hampi has toured internationally for the last three years.

Download the video from the installation at the Operahouse, Lille, France (30MB)

Interactive visualization:The highly original feature of Place-Hampi is its interactive projection system, invented by Jeffrey Shaw in 1995, and which for the first time is now using stereoscopic 3D projection. Its main attraction is the motorised platform that lets the viewer rotate in their projected point of view in 360 degree within its large cylindrical screen and thus explore a multi-media multi-sensory presentation of the Hampi’s astounding environment. The smaller LCD screen on the platform shows a symbolic map of Hampi as Kishkinda, the mythical Kingdom of the Monkeys.