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Lille3000, France Oct 2006-Jan 2007 (premier) (Link)

Berlin Festival, From Spark to Pixel, Martin Gropius Bau, Oct 2007-Jan 2008 (Link)

Panorama Festival, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Jan 2008-Mar 2008

eLandscapes, Shanghai, 2008 (Link)

Ancient Hampi: a Hindu Kingdom Brought to Life, Immigration Museum, Melbourne, 12th Nov 2008–Feb 2010 (Link)

Media downloads

To download files right-click on the link (PC) or hold down the ctrl button and click (Mac) on the link and select save target/link.

Ganesha movie. 8.2MB

Fieldwork movie 14.9MB

PLACE movie 30.3MB

Please be advised that the animated panoramas are of non-standard size and will be wider than most computer screens.

Elephants animated panorama. 5.5MB

Ganesha animated panorama. 3.3MB

Garuda animated panorama 4.9MB

Hanuman animated panorama 4.7MB

Shiva animated panorama 7.5MB


Other PDFs

AVIE Berlin Questionnaire

Hampi A4 Handout

Hampi postcard

McGinity, M., Shaw, J., Kuchelmeister, V., Hardjono, A. & Del Favero, D. (2007) "AVIE: a versatile multi-user stereo 360° interactive VR theatre" in Proceedings of the 2007 Workshop on Emerging Displays Technologies: Images and Beyond: the Future of Displays and interacton (San Diego, California, August 04 - 04, 2007). EDT '07, vol. 252. ACM, New York, NY.(Link)

Prof. Nalini. M. Thakur. (2007) "Hampi World Heritage site: Monuments, Site or Cultural Landscape". Landscape, no.16